Since 1936, Albion has been a leader in the dispensing tool / caulking gun markets. Today, the Schneider family remains committed to continuing the Albion tradition of innovative and quality dispensing solutions.

Albion actively designs and patents new dispensing tools for construction, industrial and other applications. Our dispensing guns are designed to:

  • Get into tight places
  • Reach far places
  • Mix two component products
  • Accurately mix & dispense 2K products
  • Dispense thick products easily
  • Hold large volumes

Saint-Gobain® offers a complete range of Thermalbond® Structural Glazing Spacer Tapes to perform as a key component in structural silicone glazing applications. Thermalbond, formerly called Norton Tape, has been the industry standard for structural spacer tapes for over 40 years, with worldwide usage in a range of curtain-wall styles. Spacer tapes provide both consistent spacing between the glazing panel and structure, as well as an established area where structural silicone sealant can be applied. Tested to ensure superior performance, Thermalbond Tapes surpass competitive products in load deformation performance and moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), proving it is the ideal solution for structural silicone glazing applications.

The Kimtech™ Prep Wipers for the WetTask System, for Solvents, is built for critical tasks, such as preparing cleaning surfaces. When you choose this space-saving system, you get both the Kimtech™ Prep Wipers with Hydroknit and a closed-top bucket. Then add the solvent solution you prefer. It’s simple, hygienic and safe. The enclosed system also helps eliminate exposure to chemical vapors and splashes. The Wettask closed bucket and wet wiping system can cut solvent usage by 20% and reduce VOC emissions for a safer, more cost effective workplace. Using this system also eliminates the need for laundering dirty, contaminated towels and cloth rags. Choose Kimtech™ Wipers for the Wettask System and take your wiping efficiency to the next level.

  • 6 rolls / case, 60 sheets / roll, 360 sheets / case
  • Approved for use with 3M VHB Tapes
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Over 30 years ago, Newborn started with only two models of caulking guns. Since then, we have designed and manufactured over 75 different models and obtained numerous patents by continuously listening to our customers’ varying needs.

Designetics has been the applicating expert for decades. Our applicator expertise is broad with thousands of applicators and accessories, we have the right solution for your applicating process, or we’ll make it for you. We want to ensure your applicating process is successful for your products, partners, employees and bottom line. We’ve created thousands of kinds of applicators for our clients to solve any kind of fluid application challenge. Below is a small sampling of a few common types like brush, channel, and wraparound applicators.

Founded in 1980 as a Manufacturer’s Sales Representative we have grown to become one of the largest Graco Sealant and Adhesive Distributor specialist in the nation. Since the late 1980’s we have become a stocking distributor for Graco, as well as many other fine lines. Dedoes also designs and manufactures many unique dispensing and filling systems.

Since we are an Authorized Warranty Repair Center for Graco, we service what we sell with pickup and delivery service available. We are located in a 15,000 square foot building in Wixom, Michigan.

FillPro™ Soft Type Backer Rod (formerly ITP Soft Type) is a pliable bi-cellular PE foam material used for filling irregular joints. It is chemically inert and will resist oil, gasoline and most other solvents. The material will not stain, or adhere to sealant materials and is non-exuding. It’s available in spools in 3/8” to 1 1/8” diameters or 6’ lengths for sizes over 1 ½” up to 4”diameter. Its unique construction is highly compressible, but has a closed cell outer skin to resist moisture. Particularly suited for specialty applications where standard backer rods are not appropriate, FillPro Soft Type is ideal in irregular joint applications particularly where self-leveling, flowable sealants are employed. Also recommended with sealants where bubbling concerns are critical. An excellent all-purpose backer rod, it may be used in place of most standard backer rod applications.

Since we are an Authorized Warranty Repair Center for Graco, we service what we sell with pickup and delivery service available. We are located in a 15,000 square foot building in Wixom, Michigan.

Heavy duty 1/2″ diameter steel handle is specially designed and formed for two hand use to provide 40+ PSI maximum pressure. Durable 1-1/2″ diameter x 3″ wide nonmarking black rubber roller has no axle projection on one end, allowing scratchless flush work. Two ribbed vinyl grips provide for comfortable, sure-grip use. Attractive, rust resistant zinc plated finish. Overall length is 14-3/4″ and weighs 1-1/2 lbs.

  • Used when applying initial pressure to 3M VHB tapes.

Developmental Industries Inc., has created a pressure applicator for use with 3M™ VHB™ Structural Glazing Tape based glazing systems. This tool is lightweight and easily portable with an improved ergonomic design. The manually operated SGT-PPA-150 tool delivers consistent and even pressure utilizing pneumatic power. The tool is constructed from solid T6 aircraft aluminum for superior strength with a Type II anodized coating to military specifications for exceptional corrosion and wear resistance. The SGT-PPA-150 is a 3M-approved pressure application tool for some 3M™ VHB™ Structural Glazing Tape systems.

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  • Rental Units Available. Please contact your Midwest Construction Products, LLC sales representative for more information.