3M™ VHB™ Tapes

3M™ VHB™ Tapes have proven over time to be high strength, durable bonding
materials. The long-term aging resistance lies in the polymer comprising
these tapes. The chemical bonds that make up the polymer chains consist of
carbon-carbon single bonds that are highly resistant to energy in the form of
heat or ultraviolet light, as well as chemical attack. In less durable foams or
adhesives, such conditions could lead to cleaving of the polymer backbone
and thus a weakening of mechanical properties. In the case of acrylic adhesives
and foams, however, additional crosslinking is chemically favored over chain
scission (cleavage). This means that, rather than undergoing a process of
decomposition, the acrylate materials will tend to build modulus very slightly
over extended exposures. This translates to a stronger, long lasting bond.

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Reliability guaranteed

Up to 20-year warranty for qualifying applications
• Bonds with excellent dynamic
strength to replace conventional
wet glazing
• Resists environmental conditions
such as UV, moisture, heat, and cold

Simplified application saving time and materials

Speeds assembly and delivery

• Bonds on contact with no drying,
fixturing, and liquid mess
• Saves the time, labor, and materials
of spacer tape, gasketing, masking,
and clean-up
• Eliminates the time and testing of
2-part systems for glass/butterfly,
snap time, and mix ratio

Withstands wind, heat, cold, sway, and vibration

Bond with high holding strength to replace screws, rivets, welds, and silicones for static and dynamic loads
• Elastic properties absorb shock
and flexing for reliability
against wind, vibration, and
thermal expansion/contraction
• Fill irregularities and gaps
between surfaces to help
keep out dirt, water, and
cleaning chemicals

Tape bonds, seals and conforms to a variety of surfaces

• Clean edge lines
• Color remains consistent
from one end to the other
• No color change as seen
between structural silicone
and spacer tape/gasket

3M™ VHB™ Tape Demonstration