Meet sustainability goals with proven solutions for commercial glazing and building envelope protection from DOW Silicones Corporation

Attain greater design flexibility and architectural freedom with solutions from DOW Silicones Corporation, a leader in silicone technology. You can design with confidence, knowing that technical expertise and global project support are available to help on your toughest challenges.

Get the advantages of silicone from an industry leader

With silicone-based glazing and building envelope solutions from DOW Silicones Corporation, you get more than just silicone performance – you get the added benefits of:

  • Global resources with local support
  • Technical support with an expertise in construction industry challenges
  • Reliable supply
  • Global project coordination
  • Collaboration to develop solutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, reduce the eco-footprint of construction materials, and improve the health and safety of building occupants

Adhere with Confidence

Count on DOW Silicones Corporation structural glazing sealants and support from DOW Silicones Corporation for:

  • Proven, durable products backed by a range of warranty options for added assurance, including up to 20-year structural adhesion limited warranty1
  • Compliance with standards around the globe – including ETAG002, GB16776 and ASTM C1184
  • Mitigation of risks with project-specific testing for both two-and four-sided structural glazing systems
    Trusted silicone performance – including long-term durability and movement flexibility
  • Protection against natural forces like hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes
  • Options to enhance your designs – including standard and custom colors

Structural Adhering and Bonding


Weatherproofing and Sealing


Air and Water Barriers


Renovation and Restoration


DOW Silicones Corporation – Featured Product

DOW Silicones Corporation DefendAir 200 Silicone Liquid Applied Air and Weather Barrier

Uncontrolled air leakage can be a significant contributor to increased heating and cooling costs.
DOW Silicones Corporation DefendAir 200 helps reduce energy consumption, providing fast, easy
and effective protection from air infiltration and water penetration.
DOW Silicones Corporation DefendAir 200 is a 100% silicone liquid-applied air and water barrier.
Long-term UV resistance means no performance issues from extended sun exposure –
whether due to unanticipated construction delays prior to cladding installation or to
normal exposure in rainscreen applications.
The vapor-permeable, one-component, water-based coating dries to form a flexible
membrane that is impervious to water but has the ability to “breathe,” allowing water vapor
to escape from inside the substrate.

• ABAA evaluated
• Airtight performance
exceeding industry
• Long-term UV resistance
• Passes NFPA 285 assembly
• Complete offering of
compatible accessory
• Vapor-permeable and
• One-coat spray application;
may also be roller applied
• Water-based, low-VOC
formulation ideal for green
• Can be applied at
temperatures as low as
20°F (-7°C)
• Primerless adhesion to most
construction substrates

DOW Silicones Corporation Structural Glazing Demonstration