Pecora XL-Perm Ultra VP

Pecora XL-PermULTRA VP is an integral part of the XL-Perm Air, Vapor & Water Resistive Barrier System, a four step approach for complete air and vapor barrier protection for your building envelope. Pecora XL-PermULTRA VP is a primerless, single component, high performance, elastomeric fluid applied STPU (Silyl Terminated Polyurethane) that combines the best characteristics of silicone and urethane properties for exterior wall assemblies where it functions as an air and water barrier. Applied in a single coat via airless sprayer or roller, this durable elastomeric weatherproofing membrane provides two to three times the coverage of other fluid applied products. Pecora XLPermULTRA VP has excellent elasticity and crack bridging capabilities contributing to a seamless durable airtight building envelope.


  • 5 gallon pails
  • 50 gallon drums

Available Colors

  • Blue
  • Custom Colors Available
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